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Graphic Design
Green Frog Wesite Design Consult


To ensure that you are getting a good return on your online investment, regular reporting on the traffic your website is receiving is important.

Analytics includes gathering, reviewing and reporting on the information collected about the visitors to your website.

This information is extensive, and understanding the results requires some knowledge about website statistics and its terminology. Also having the skills to interpret the results and measuring the outcomes can be daunting for the average person.

We offer simple and cost effective Analytics and reporting for your business when you want to measure your websites performance.

We report on the sites relevant key performance indicators and offer important recommendations and strategies on how to improve your websites future results.

Call us for further information and options. Whether you want a one off report or ongoing analysis, we can tailor a plan to suit your needs.

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Graphic Design • Copy Writing • Photography

From page layout, styling, business logo to letterhead, we can help create the perfect branding for your business.

We are a client focused professional studio and we work collaboratively with our clients on their project. We can also fully manage every aspect of the design process from concept to content for you if you wish.

For websites, we also create:

  • Secure online booking systems
  • E-Commerce with shopping cart
  • Portfolios
  • Photo galleries
  • Animated slideshows
  • Product launches, special events, promotions
  • Blogs
  • And more…
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Green Frog Website Design


If changing, adding or updating the information in your website yourself isn’t what you want to spend your valuable time doing, then we can help.

Updating the content of your website is a very important task. It not only keeps your website relevant and fresh for your visitors, but also helps your website to be noticed by the Search Engines when they are looking for websites to list and rank in their results pages.

This means that when a potential customer or client is looking for a similar product or service, and searches with e.g. Google, that search engine is more likely to find you and put you higher up the list in the results page.

Of course, this is one way to get a good ranking with search engines, but it is an essential component.

Other important factors include:

  • A well designed and properly built website
  • Interesting and relevant content
  • Correct labelling of content and headings
  • Correct Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO)

Stay ahead of your competitors and take advantage of our services. We offer fast turnaround and great rates to our returning clients.

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Search Engine Optimisation

We work hard to develop an effective SEO campaign for your business needs and is tailored to your marketing needs.

Whether you would like basic SEO for your website launch or a more aggressive campaign for an established site, we can tailor your plan at a competitive and cost effective rate.

We work hard to build an attractive, interesting and useful website. It is equally important that we make it easy for clients to find it!

At Green Frog Media we take SEO very seriously. So when you engage our services, we employ advanced SEO to get your website listed and ranked as high as possible in the search results page. Preferably on the FIRST page!

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Beautiful Web Design
Website Design and Hosting

Full Website Account Management & Hosting

Regular maintenance is required so that it your website continues to

  • Function and ensure that every element is working correctly.
  • Keeps the website secure from malware and hackers.

If there is a glitch, or the website is under attack, you need to know how manage and monitor your website.

We can take care of this for you with our Website Management Service which includes:

  • Monitoring of your websites security 24/7
  • Upgrading of any outdated software (themes, plugins and scripts)
  • Run secure Back-ups to your website files which means that a copy of your information is securely stored.

Annual plans start at $250 per year.

It means that you can relax and know that your investment being taken care of.

Secure Hosting & Domain Name

We source the best available domain name for your website and set up your competitive, Green Energy Hosting service with a respected Hosting service.

There are two levels of hosting that we recommend.

You can choose from either the Managed VPS hosting package, or the DIY self-managed shared hosting package.

For more information, see our Managed Website Plan (above) or our Jump Start DIY Web Package on our ‘Packages’ web page.

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Your website might need a Health Check if it:

  • is looking tired
  • is sluggish and slow to start
  • is not keeping up with the other websites
  • seems to be forgetful or confused
  • is lookin bloated
  • is being bullied by hackers

If the website is neglected or faulty, the site will be much harder for people to find online as it will be ranked lower on search engine results pages.

All websites need to be maintained and checked for security reasons too. Website software (or scripts) become outdated quickly and are soft targets for malware and hacking. Simple software updates don’t take us long to do and can save you thousands of dollars in lost business, downtime and re-builds.

Use our Green Frog Quick Health Check for as little as $50

We will run tests, diagnose problems and report back to you on your websites well-being.

The health and safety of your valuable asset is our priority!

If your website needs to attention, we will provide you with a report and obligation free quote.

Don’t leave your website to suffer. Do the kind thing and call us today!

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